Woops! Someone over ordered and now we are

Overstocked on Camouflage

Don't miss out on this special offer

Thank you for being a loyal Kwik-Cover customer.
We have overstock of a special order CAMO cover!!
This is a one time original cover with a limited inventory!

Individually packaged-Minimum order is 25ea. per size
Available in the following sizes only
 60" round

These special order Kwik-Covers are thicker than our standard Kwik-Covers you are used to getting but we are selling them at a lower price.
There are a limited number available in each size and once they run out, they will not be reordered.
Please let us know if you are interested in this limited special offer by emailing us back at [email protected] and indicate the sizes and quantities you would like.
Your cost :
60" round-  $4.10 each


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