Q: How much do Kwik-Covers cost?
A: A lot less than you think! Kwik-Covers retail from $3.59 to $5.59, depending on size and print.

Q: Can I buy individual Kwik-Covers directly from the company?
A: Kwik-Covers is the manufacturer and does not sell directly to the consumer.

  • If you are a business or organization looking to purchase case lots of Kwik-Covers, simply set up an account and place your order on line.
  • If you need fewer than 25 pieces, please check the following sites to see if they have what you are looking for:
  • You may also check online for a variety of other places that carry Kwik Covers as well. Many companies ship across the country.
  • Email us at [email protected] to find a retail location in your area.

Q: What are the estimated shipping times for standard Kwik-Cover orders?
A: Shipping times are based on what state you are ordering from and which Kwik-Cover warehouse (Syracuse, NY or CA) your order ships from. See the maps below for estimated shipping times for standard ground. You may also request faster delivery to receive your order in two days or overnight. The additional charge for expedited orders will be quoted.

Shipping times from our Syracuse, New York warehouse.

Shipping times from our California warehouse.

  • From California we ship to: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WY
  • *Some products are not stocked in California and must ship from New York.

Q: Can I pick up orders in person from your warehouse?
A: Absolutely! You can pick up your order from one of our warehouses located in either Syracuse, NY or CA.

  • Please give us at least two hours advance notice to have your order ready to go!
  • When you call, we’ll give you our exact address, with directions and the name of your contact at the warehouse.
  • At the time of pickup, you’ll need to sign a confirmation stating that you received your order in good condition.
  • All payments are made through Kwik-Covers’ office, not at the warehouses.

Q: How do I return or exchange Kwik-Covers?
A: The Kwik-Cover Return and Exchange Policy

  • Please call the office to discuss any returns.
  • Return Authorization (RA) paperwork will be issued before the item is returned.
  • Returns are only available for a complete case(s) of unused Kwik-Covers.
  • Customer is responsible for the return shipping.
  • Restocking fees may apply.
  • Items returned to the wrong location will result in additional charges.

Q: Are Kwik-Covers safe and durable?
A: You bet! Kwik-Covers are made of a proven PVC material and are a full 3 mil. thick!

  • The PVC material is safe, non-toxic and inherently fire retardant.
  • It meets all international standards for health and safety.
  • The PVC is the world’s most researched and thoroughly tested plastic, posing no health risks to consumers in use or disposal.
  • This PVC has been safely used in all forms of consumer goods for more than half a century.
  • Our 72" diameter round covers and Kwik-Skirts are made from PE (polyethylene) material.

Q: Can I get Kwik-Covers made in a custom color, custom print or with my company logo?
A: Yes! Customization is available for orders of 2,500 pieces or more. Depending on the request, we may be able to create combination orders if there are multiple customers looking for the same items or color. Due to a variety of factors such as size, complexity of printing and number of colors, set-up charges and exact pricing must be quoted per job. The setup charge can range from $150 to $750. Additionally there will be a minimum of $.50 charged per cover depending on print.

Q: Can I get Kwik-Covers made to fit my non-standard tables?
A: Yes! Customized sizing is available. See the above question for information on custom orders.

Q: How long will it take to receive customized and special order Kwik-Covers?
A: From start to finish, it will normally take approximately 16-20 weeks to receive a special order.

Q: How do I create a customized or special Kwik-Cover order?
A: Just follow these easy steps!

  • Provide us with an electronic file of the logo or print, a specific PMS pantone color number or an actual color swatch, along with details on sizes and quantities you are interested in ordering. We’ll send you a quote based on these specifications.
  • After approval of the quote, we’ll need a print-quality electronic file (if one was not provided in Step 1). All set-up charges must be paid in full at this time.
  • You’ll receive a pre-production sample to approve. A 25% deposit is required upon approval.
  • Your special order is sent into full production and scheduled for delivery on the next available shipment.

Q: Is there someone I can contact to discuss special order options?
A: Of course! Just email Joe Puglisi at [email protected] for more details.